Anonymised comments/feedback recieved following my work with people over recent years.


“You provided the neutral space for us to listen to each other without shouting. It is still tough sometimes but we are remembering to listen.“


“We cannot thank you enough for the care that you have given ******* He came to you a very poorly man and you have taught him how to cope with his depression.  He is again the supportive, attentive, happy, dependable man that we thought we’d lost.”


“My friends at school have told me that they are not scared of me anymore and they think I’ve changed for the better.”


“After feeling really nervous initially, I began to look forward to coming to your office.   I know that I need to stand up and face the world on my own again and I’m now ready to move forward.”


“I have seen a few therapists over the years, none have been so ‘real’ as you…keep up the good work Jamie.” 


“I can’t believe that my life is no longer controlled by the anxiety that invaded me some years ago.  Your belief in me and your support and guidance has enabled me to find my way through…thanks for everything!”


“Having been through counselling previously, I was sceptical to try again, the work that Jamie has done with me has genuinely made me a more stable & understanding person and allowed me to move forwards in life, happier with the belief to succeed.”


“Since coming to see you I have changed my diet, stopped drinking, smoking, taking drugs, can run 10k, have fallen in love with my football club again, repaired the relationship with my father and now appreciate that people actually love my personality, not the way I look.”